Čestmír Suška Photo: Barbora Mráčková


A review of the exhibition on Material Times

Čestmír Suška (*1952) gained wider recognition chiefly for his large-format carved steel statues. Even from afar these works lure the viewer through the shimmering flickers of light passing through their intricately carved crevices. Immediately upon closer inspection, the viewer is offered full immersion into an interplay between light and shadow, as beams of sunlight gleam through the spaces in the ornamental shapes. This approach of bringing light into the heart of sculptures has essentially characterised Čestmír Suška’s work from the outset, having become a defining feature.

Čestmír Suška has gone through a number of creative phases during his artistic lifetime. In each case, particular materials were selected for deep exploration, such as wood, clay, steel, stone or glass. At all times Suška adopted a humble approach when working with these raw forms, with a view to finding a workable crossroads between artistry and materials. This yielded a number of sculptures, which, while superficially similar in form, nonetheless manage to reflect different aspects of the artist’s approach to artistry through his use of different material mediums.