A review of the exhibition on Material Times

The beauty of natural light flowing around the artwork, immersing it in an atmosphere of chiaroscuro while continually metamorphosing its form through the transience of daylight reveals the work’s authentic properties. Trends will pass, artificial interventions will fade, and only the chiaroscuro of natural light and darkness will remain.

Václav Řezáč (born 1977) is a graduate of a glassmaking school in Železný Brod, followed by the Professor Vladimír Kopecký glass art studio at Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM). He spent ten years working as manager of Zdeňek Lhotský’s fused sculpting studio, while at the same time continuing to develop his own personal custom art. In 2016, Řezáč travelled to Toyama, spending three years in the Japanese city working as a teacher.

Řezáč’s work uses unusual techniques and their combinations, thanks to that his works are full of sophisticated solutions that prove that it is still possible to experiment successfully in the art of glass. However, Václav Řezáč’s work is not only based on the technologies themselves, but a solid foundation is an ingeniously thought-out idea that develops during the process. Despite this, the glass is always humbly grasped in the Řezáč’s hands, leaving space for the glass to show all its unique properties.