A review of the exhibition on Material Times

Václav Řezáč (*1977), graduate of the glass school in Železný Brod and the studio of Prof. Vladimír Kopecký at the Prague UMPRUM. For ten years he worked as a manager of Zdeněk Lhotský’s studio of fused sculpture and simultaneously devoted himself to his own free and design work. In 2016 he left for Toyama, where he spent three years and worked as a teacher. According to his own words, in Japan the artist learned to look at the material differently – to put more emphasis on its sculptural qualities while working with the opposite poles of both the technical aspect of the work and the aesthetic one.

In his work, Řezáč uses unusual technologies and their combinations, which makes his works full of refined solutions that prove that it is still possible to experiment successfully in glass art. However, the work of Václav Řezáč is not only based on technology alone, but the solid foundation is an ingeniously thought-out idea that evolves during the process. Despite this, in Řezáč’s hands the glass is always humbly grasped, allowing the glass space to show all its unique qualities. It is the randomness, the surprise, that plays an essential role in the artist’s work. The combination of two completely different, contradictory techniques, which require both absolute control and the ability to improvise, results in the ultimate harmony.