Interview on Material Times

Anna Polanská, a native of Mladá Boleslav, graduated in engraved glass from the glass school in Kamenický Šenov. She then studied at the UMPRUM in Prague, first in the studio of Prof. Kurt Gebauer (sculpture) and then Prof. Marian Karel (glass in architecture). She not only designs her own glass works, but also finishes them herself by cutting, gluing and other techniques. Her educational journey, and her own pedagogical work, can be seen as a pilgrimage of discovery of the pleasing matter of glass, and her works as pages of a continuously written diary with records of emotional experiences and lessons learned.

Anna Polanska’s glass objects are solitary works developing an artistic vision based on exploring the limits of the cutter’s technique. They have a natural, organic and elemental effect, not artificial and predictable. With the angle of view, not only their form but also their character changes. In their interaction with the viewer they behave like living entities, because they are not decorated by the abrasive, but wrinkled. Like the human face or the surface of the earth with age.