A review of the Opticality exhibition on Material Times

(Born 1953) Jan Frydrych’s sophisticated cut and laminated glass art pieces do not possess formal front-facing or rear-facing dimensions. Rather, they serve as unique organisms imbued with life through the refraction of light and an interplay with the optical marvels of the outside world. Frequently, a minimalist combination of transparent, indigo blue – and occasionally red – glass plays a crucial role in the realisation of this overall effect. The precision of workmanship is breathtaking. Frydrych’s works can be described as a laboriously and patiently manifested celebration of human creativity, craft, and skill. And it is this very combination of manual adroitness and creative vision that so strongly radiates from the optical glass creations of Jan Frydrych.

Studies:1968–1971 Trainee School for Glassmaking, Nový Bor (glass cutting); grammar school in Liberec; 1978–1981 Faculty of Education, Ústí nad Labem

Activities: shortly employed in glassworks Crystalex, Nový Bor; then Trainee School for Glassmaking, Nový Bor (teacher of glass cutting); since 1982 independent artist; took part on realization of art by Václav Cigler