Jakub Berdych (* 1953) who, in 1983, after several years working at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM) in Prague, decided to go out on his own. Since then he has made a name for himself as a sought-after restorer of historic interiors, and as a designer and glass artist. And that’s why he has also been working as a lecturer at the Department of Design at the Technical University in Liberec since 2003. What connects Berdych’s work is the world around him and the tracks that humans leave behind them. He walks through the earth with his eyes open and with an open mind and literally recasts what he sees into glass, be it sculptures, bottles or vases. He is creative in the true sense of the word; he is exceptional in the art of brevity and being to the point, has a sense of hyperbole and contextual hide and seek. He can simply create ‘extraordinary ordinariness’ from glass, sometimes according to glass puritans, even showing disrespect for the material, indeed, with the same gusto as his fellow artists , who are a generation younger than he, for that matter. Jakub is not a dreamer; he’s a glass realist. He knows what he himself can afford to do and what the material can do. Potential only makes sense for him if it is actually used. This is not cold rationale. In his vision of the world, there is still that ever-present, almost childlike pleasure of finding something for the first time, that feeling that every one of us would love keep within us. And thanks to his work, it’s possible for us to do so too, even if just for a while.


Interview: https://www.materialtimes.com/ptame-se/jakub-berdych-st-bordel-co-po-nas-zbyva-zpracovavam-dal.html


1975–83         works at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

1982–85        collaboration on films since

1983      works as a restorer, designer and glass artist: since

2003    reconstruction of historical interior castle in Cesky Dub


Group exhibitions:

2017    Ekoglass festival, česko-polské sympozium uměleckého skla, Szklarska Poreba, Desná

2017    TULáci, Empírový skleník Pražský hrad, Praha

2017    Kolem umění, Maloskalská galerie Josefa Jíry, Malá Skála

2016    Kolem umění/ O-kolo sztuki, Galerie BWA Jelenia Góra, Polsko

2016    Obrazy, grafika, skleněná plastika – Jakub Berdych a František Hodonský, Galerie pod Radnicí, Zlín

2016    Skleněné městečko Železný Brod

2015    Art Safari 30 de luxe, galerie BUBEC, Praha

2015    Art Safari Plzeň, DEPO2015 Plzeň

2011    Ekoglass festival – IV. česko-polské sympozium uměleckého skla, Szklarska Poreba, Desná

2010    Ekoglass festival – III. česko-polské sympozium uměleckého skla, Szklarska Poreba, Desná

2009    Ekoglass festival – II. česko-polské sympozium uměleckého skla, Szklarska Poreba, Desná

2008    Ekoglass festival – I. česko-polské sympozium uměleckého skla, Szklarska Poreba, Desná


Solo Ehxibitions:

2017    LAHVE, Muzeum skla a bižuterie v Jablonci nad Nisou

2016    SKLO, Sun Gallery Blue House Spa Resort Sanssousi, Karlovy Vary

2011    Jakub i já, Wroclaw, Polsko


Interior realisations:

1983 rekonstrukce historického interiéru zámku v Českém Dubu

1984 rekonstrukce exteriéru divadla F. X. Šaldy v Liberci

1985 rekonstrukce historického objektu kavárny Pošta v Liberci

1986 návrh a realizace kubistické vstupní brány hřbitova v Praze-Ďáblicích

1987 rekonstrukce historického objektu České spořitelny v Liberci

1992 design a realizace interiéru v historickém objektu banky ČSOB v Liberci

1994–96 design a realizace interiéru v Novém kostele v Kolíně nad Rýnem

1996–97 design a realizace interiéru jednotky ARO nemocnice v Liberci

2000–01 design a realizace interiéru Synagogy v Liberci


Public Collections:

Academy of Applied Arts and Design Prague

Museum of Glass, Jelenia Góra, Poland