“I reduce what has been around for ever, I seek the essence of shape …“

Martin Hlubuček graduated from the Applied Glass Arts High School in Železný Brod, the Institute of Design, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, Ústí nad Labem (art glass studio, prof. Ilja Bílek) and the School of Design in Brno (figure sculpture studio, prof. Michal Gabriel). His art is typical for its preciseness, focus on detail, minimalism and universal geometric shape. Be it mold glass sculptures or blown glass, his masterpieces have their sense of order verging on antic harmony of spheres. His art is popular with both private collectors and public galleries. Hlubuček´s  melted and blown glass art recites a mantra of shape – his objects are unpretentious, minimalistic in their expression, precise in their rhythm and pleasing with their aesthetics.


Glassmaker Martin Hlubuček: I´m interested in the story of shape

  Solo exhibitions (selection):

2016      Galerie Clara Scremini, Martin Hlubuček, Paříž, F

2016      Galerie Kuzebauch, Muranesi, Praha, CZ

2015      DOX by Qubus, Teritorium, Prague, CZ

2015      Galéria NOVA, Teritorium, Bratislava, SK

2013      Galerie Kuzebauch, Ingredience, Prague, CZ

2013      Galerie Clara Scremini, Martin Hlubuček, Paris, F

2011      Galéria NOVA, Červený&čierný, Bratislava, SK

Collective exhibitions (selection):

2016      PAD London, Berkeley Square W1, London, GB

2015      Ambiente,  Galerie Kuzebauch,  Slow! Glass!, Frankfurt am Main, D

2015      XII. International Glass symposium

2015, Museum of glass, Nový Bor, CZ

2015      Galerie N, Nahoře–Dole (with O. Plíva), Jablonec nad Nisou, CZ

2013      Městská galerie Vlastimila Rady, 70 let tavené skleněné plastiky, Železný Brod, CZ

2014      ST-ART, Foire Européenne d’art Contemporain, Strasbourg, F

2012      International Glass Prize 2012, Lommel, B

2012      Bornholms Kunstmuseums, European Glass Context, Bornholm, DK

2010      Galerie My, “Naše sklo” (with T. Košťál), Jablonec nad Nisou, CZ

2011      The glass museum Glazen Huiz, České sklo – between tradition and inovation, Lommel, B

2009      Glasmuseet Ebeltoft,  Crossing Borders, DK  


2016      Honorable mention, Art and craft in glass

2014      PAD Prize 2014, Cena Moët Hennessy

2012      Art and craft in glass 2012

2011      Cena Galérie NOVA: Sklo 2011

Public Collection:

Musée des Arts décoratifs de Paris, Paris

Happy Materials, Prague

Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding-Ernsting Stiftung, Coesfeld-Lette

Museum of decorative arts, Prague

Severočeské muzeum v Liberci, Liberec

Městské muzeum v Železném Brodě, Železný Brod

Východočeské muzeum v Pardubicích, Pardubice


Private collections  – Czech Republic, Canada, Spain, Great Britain, Slovakia, France, Singapur, Switzerland, Germany…