Michal Motyčka is an artist and an architect that has long used mirroring and reflections in his art – both in individual projects as well as in his collaborations with fellow artist Václav Cigler. But although mirroring and reflections are a key component of Motyčka’s works, they are far from the only ones. For example, the artist also utilises light and its inherent changeability, always within the context of a given location. Moreover, in his works, Motyčka also focuses on finding solutions to spatial relationships and searching for mutual connection points in man’s perceptive senses. He also focuses on spaces in the sense of reflecting their scope, atmosphere and respective “vibe”. In the simplest sense, Motyčka’s key artistic viewpoint centres around exploring the concept of space as a reaction to a given location, along with man’s interactions therewith. Education Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague (1992-2001) Studio of Glass in Architecture of Prof. Marian Karel at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1995-2000) study internship at the School of Architecture of Prof. Emil Přikryl at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1999) study internship in glass at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA (1999-2000) Realization with Václav Cígler in public space 2000 – 2009 terrace and glass footbridge, Museum Kampa, Sovovy mlýny, Prague 2005 – Parkkan, North Bohemian Gallery of Fine Arts in Litoměřice 2008 – Verticals, Palladium, Prague 2009 – Mirroring wings on the water surface, Fraeylemaborg Water Castle 2014 – Column with a reflective surface, Piarist Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross, Litomyšl 2015 – Mense and Luminous Cross, light sacral installation in the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross, Litomyšl 2016 – Art Intervention, Benedictine Monastery at Bílá Hora, Prague 2018 – WE ARE 100, art intervention in public space in Litomyšl 2018 – Open Grave, art intervention in the crypt of the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross in Litomyšl 2019 – By Light, Archdiocesan Museum Olomouc 2019 – Zvněšnění, Picture Gallery of the Archbishop’s Castle and the Flower Garden in Kroměříž 2019 – Břit, Zlatá stoka, Třeboň. Selected individual projects 1999 realization of the memorial plaque “to the victims of both totalitarianisms” Karolinum, Charles University Prague 1999 – 2001 reconstruction of the Owl Mills complex for the Kampa Museum in Prague 2001 Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery in Prague 2003 – 2004 family house Dobřichovice 2004 reconstruction of the Na Dědině Primary School, Prague 6 2005 – 2011 family house Motyčka, Prague 2007 – 2010 Villa Tuchoměřice 2009 – 2010 Brewery MMX, Lety 2010 Revitalization of the Klementinum area 2012 family house Drbohlav, Prague 2013 Reconstruction of the villa in Pyskočely 2014 family house, Přerov nad Labem 2014 – 2015 power plant Pyskočely 2015 reconstruction of Bishop’s House Hotel, Prague 2016 reconstruction of the Golden Star Hotel, Prague 2016-2017 reconstruction of the Boky apartment building, Prague 6 2018 reconstruction of Clementin Hotel, Prague 2018 reconstruction of Miroslav Kubik Gallery in Litomyšl 2018 family house Brokeš in Litomyšl 2019 reconstruction of Waldstein Hotel, Prague 2020 reconstruction of the Mucha Hotel, Prague. 2020 Gallery Tower, Michal Motyčka, Jana Šindelová: Hranol, Frýdek-Místek 2021 National Art Gallery (Nacionalna chudožestvena galerija), International biennale of glass, Sofia, Bulgaria 2021 Gallery of Modern Art, Concepts of Mirroring: the Principle of Mirroring in Conceptual Tendencies in Czech Art from the 1960s to the Present, Roudnice nad Labem