“I have never had a “Small chemist”, I have never enjoyed the chemical formulas, but enjoyed everything in the lab. It started with the Hercules glue I mixed with borax. It was the slime that people buy for a few tens of crowns and I’ve created my first installation in Gallery N in Jablonec nad Nisou. “


Interview with Zuzana on Material Times

Zuzana Kubelková (*1987) perceives glass as a material that serves the artist in the same way as mortar and bricks serve the builder. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a medium through which she tells her chemical romances, which change in time and space. He creates dynamic glass, experiments, fuses them with other substances, analyses and examines them like a doctor examines a patient – rationally, but with empathy. She works with him as if she were having a conversation without glitter and polite phrases. The result is sui generis interactive artworks that evoke emotion and provoke interest without pandering to the viewer.