“For every decision we lose something and we gain something to lost it again…”


Interview with Lada Semecká on Material Times

Studies: 1987–1991 Secondary School of Glassmaking, Kamenický Šenov (dept. of glass engraving); 1992–1994 University of J. E. Purkyně, Institute of Artistic Culture (IVK UJEP), Ústí nad Labem (Studio of Glass, Pavel Mizera); 1994–2000 Academy of Applied Arts (VŠUP), Prague (Studio of Glass, prof. Vladimír Kopecký)

Activities: Academy of Applied Arts (VŠUP), Prague (teacher, Studio of Glass, under prof. Vladimír Kopecký, 2000–2008 leader of the glass painting workshop, 2004–2008 lecturer); 2008–2012 Toyama City Institute of Glass Art (TIGA), Toyama, Japan (teacher of artistic subjects: cold glassmaking techniques); since 2012 University of J. E. Purkyně, Faculty of Art and Design (FUD UJEP), Ústí nad Labem (teacher of artistic subjects, Studio of Environmental Art, assistent specialist)

Lada Semecká’s art is typical for its boldness, concentration on detail, and emotional depth. Her objects – free-standing as well as hanging – can be perceived as paintings captured in glass. The paintings show the author´s imagination, they tell a true and sincere story of her hopes, dreams, happiness, and fear. They are not aggressively expressive, but introverted “emotional aesthetics”, together with the cultural influence of Japan, as the two key sources of inspiration which complement each other, in a very original way, in Lada Semecká’s work.