A review of the exhibition on Material Times


Studium: 1991-1995 Secondary School of Glassmaking, Železný Brod (Hot-shaping of glass and design); 1995-2001 Academy of Applied Arts (VŠUP), Prague (Studio of Glass, prof. Vladimír Kopecký); 2001-2002 Academy of J. A. Komenský, Prague Activities: independent artist; since 2001 design for B.A.G., Preciosa Figurky etc.; since 2001 Akademie, Světlá nad Sázavou (deputy director, chief artist)

With each work, Krajíček continues his journey exploring the possibilities of glass and expanding the horizons of his own imagination. In his conception, glass is a kind of fluid, an alchemistic substance, from which works can be created that border on both a liquid and solid state. Krajíček is unafraid of deconstructing shapes, or of playing with material concepts and their surroundings, or of merging internal and external spaces. The artist’s works introduce a specific and rarely heard tonality into the contemporary art glass scene – namely the combination of innovative technologies and a distinctive artistic vision.