„Enterprising is about survival of the toughest. You have to prepare for everything.”

Vitrucell is the latest achievement of Zdeněk Lhotský, a glassmaker, designer, technology expert, and entrepreneur. Transparent molten glass, technology of which is close to that of float glass, is built on a honeycomb-like structure. Its technical specifications stipulate that the maximum weight of one piece of glass made with this technology is 300 kilogram and the maximum size of one panel is 130 x 270 cm (minimum thickness of 2 cm).

Interview:  Zdeněk Lhotský´s new mass and unique honeycombs

Solo exhibitions (selection):

2008 Lhotský glass, Design studio ceramics, FUD UJEP, Dubí (CZE)

2008 Lhotský glass, Gakerie Brock, Karlsruhe (D)

2006 Glass design – Lhotský, K. F. A. Gallery, Bratislava (SR)

2006 Lhotský and friends, Technical University of Liberec, Jablonec nad Nisou (CZE)

2006 Lhotský – Dyntar, Doxa Gallery, Český Krumlov (CZE)

2005 Gallery Belda, Prague (CZE)

2005 Glass + graphics Lhotský, Peron Gallery, Prague (CZE)

Exhibitions (selection):

2015 Exhibition REGENERACE in Gallery of City Trutnov, Trutnov (CZE)

2015 TVRDOHLAVI, Miroslav Kubik gallery, Litomyšl (CZE)

2014–2015 Exhibitions: The Radiance of Stillness and Motion: Bohemian Glass from the Collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, CHN

2013 Matério, Prague (CZE)

2013 Exposition Preciosa, Milano (I)

2013 Art discussion, Jablonec nad Nisou (CZE)

2013 Bus stop, De Gallery, Olomouc (CZE)

2013 VIP! Glass!, IGS

2012, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Prague (CZE)

2013 Casting glass, Joure (NL)

2013 70 years old melted glass sculptures, Železný Brod (CZE)

Realizations in architecture (selection):

2006–2007 Reliefs – Stained glass for private property, Prague (CZE)

2006 Glass stairs and equipped with private property, Prague (CZE)

1996 Glass objects for restaurant FrominKrone, Wenceslas Square, Prague (CZE)

1995 Fountain branch of Commercial Banks, Česká Lípa (CZE)

1994 Light objects for Pavilion, Prague (CZE)

1992–1993 Fountains for Commercial Bank branch, Prague (CZE)

1990 Fountain castle park, Prague – Horní Počernice (CZE)

1990 Interior office owners Czech daily, Prague (CZE)

1989 Lamps for interior cafe ETM, Prague (CZE)

1987 Interior and exterior DUTY FREE SHOP, airport praturRuzyně, Prague (CZE)

1986 Passage of Work, 180 m2 glass facade and stained glass, Wenceslas Square, Prague (CZE)

1985 Interior and exterior retail shop KOHINOOR, Prague (CZE)