Vladimir Klein (*1950) graduated from the Secondary Vocational Glass School in Kamenický Šenov in 1965-1969, where he trained as a glass cutter under Pavel Werner. As a skilled and inventive cutter, he developed his own way of decorating his original objects made of optical glass, whose surface he cuts using a vidia chisel. In this way he succeeds in creating an effective contrast between perfectly clear glass and irregular rough texture. Whether they are intimate or monumental realisations, they are always impressive and dominate the space in which they are situated. Surface treatment by hand-cutting, polishing and chipping gives them the necessary inner dimension and visual depth. Vladimír Klein is also the author of a number of projects in public space, in 1979-1989 mainly lighting fixtures for interiors at home and abroad (Germany, the Netherlands). Later he designed, for example, the decoration of the VIP area for Ruzyně Airport, the reception area of the Crystalex company in Nový Bor, or the sculpture for the roundabout there.