As a dexterous and inventive cutter of glass, Klein has developed his own method for decorating custom-made optical glass works, cutting surfaces with the aid of a video-assisted hand tool.  Despite working with glass for more than half a century, Vladimir Klein hasn’t come close to recycling past ideas. Rather, his insatiable appetite for creation flows as powerfully as the Danube through the artist’s birthplace back in 1950, namely the Slovak town of Komárno. Indeed, perhaps the clear water, rugged riverbed, and irregular riverbanks dotted with grass and reeds have served as a subconscious inspiration for Klein’s glass art creations.


Studies: 1965–1969 Secondary School of Glassmaking, Kamenický Šenov (dept. of glass cutting); 1969–1975 Academy of Applied Arts (VŠUP), Prague (Studio of Glass, prof. Stanislav Libenský)

Activities: 1977–1991 Secondary School of Glassmaking, Kamenický Šenov (teacher, 1977–1985 and 1990–1991 artistic leader of dept. of glass cuting, 1985–1990 director); 1991–1995 Toyama City Institute of Glass Art (TIGA), Toyama, Japonsko (teacher of artistic subjects: cold glassmaking techniques); 1997–2005 glassworks Crystalex in Nový Bor (head designer); since 2005 independent artist, hosting teacher