19/03 – 15/05 2020

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Shrimp, 2019. Kiln cast, cut glass with grinding wheel. Photo: Filip Švácha

Only a relatively small number of prestigious international competitions are organised each year in the world of glass art. Even to be selected as a finalist in one of these is considered to be a major success, let alone actually winning a competition prize. YOUNG GLASS, founded in 1987 by the Glasmuseet Ebeltoft contemporary glass art museum in Denmark, and running once every ten years, is one of these prestigious events. Open to participants up to 35 years of age, its goal is to showcase up-and-coming artists and new glass art techniques.

Medrana I, 2019. Combined technique. Photo: Filip Švácha


Medrana I, Detail, 2019. Combined technique. Photo: Filip Švácha

In 2017, the YOUNG GLASS jury awarded the main prize to Czech glass artist Zuzana Kubelková – her work My Chemical Romance triumphing among the 326 competing artists. The event was accompanied by an exhibition of the winning artist’s work in Ebeltoft. And Kubelková’s work exhibited in Denmark at the turn of 2019-20 now forms the basis of an exhibition of her latest work at Galerie Kuzebauch.

Calm Down, 2019. Kiln-cast, cut glass. Photo: Filip Švácha

Zuzana Kubelková (born 1987) is among those of her generation of glass artists that has developed an affinity for interspersing black and white colours, as well as contrasting the front and reverse sides of her art objects. Additionally, Kubelková has developed a reputation for experimentation with different materials and techniques, as well as seeking artistic solutions both internal and external. Which means that her natural field of artistic creativity is not three, but rather four-dimensional. Whether melting down fibreglass, conjuring up facial visages wrapped in fibreglass cloth, or combining various materials, Kubelková’s works are guaranteed to be both bold and original. Indeed, Zuzana Kubelková’s interactions with glass undoubtedly go far deeper than a mere summertime “Chemical Romance”.

Petr Nový

Head Curator of Museum of Glass and Jewellery Jablonec nad Nisou

Curator at Galerie Kuzebauch

Tremors, 2019. Kiln-cast, cut glass. Photo: Filip Švácha


This project was implemented with the financial support of Municipal District Prague 6:

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